From the extra regenerating petra spring: "La Salutare"

The salsobromine-iodine volcanic thermal water begins its journey from an altitude of 2,000 meters in the Pre-Alps in the Lessini mountains, in Veneto (Italy), through underground channels. It flows for hundreds of kilometers deep at a temperature that reaches 200 degrees Celsius, enriching itself with precious nutrients given by nature itself: trace elements, rare minerals, biogenic substances such as phospholipids, enzymes, flavonoids, carotenoids, vitamins, phytohormones and phytostimulins. The minerals it is rich in promote catalytic activity, i.e. the ability to activate enzymes that accelerate the speed of cellular reactions thousands of times.

Volcanic Thermal Water is hypernatural and of paleomarine origin

There are four groups of thermal waters: cold water, water
hypothermal, thermal water, hyperthermal water. Volcanic Thermal Water , thanks to its emergence temperature, is hyperthermal.

It has an unprecedented concentration of minerals in terms of quantity, quality, variety and balance: approximately 6000 mg/l at 180 degrees Celsius.

Volcanic Thermal Water is the only one capable of proving its soothing and emollient effect after 30 seconds of application.

Volcanic Thermal Water stands out in the competitive panorama of thermal waters worldwide as the richest and most balanced of all the thermal waters available on the market.

Credits and Properties:

  • Efficacy and purity are scientifically proven and recognized by the Ministry of Health with the classification of 1 SUPER.
  • WHO recognizes hydrotherapy based on hyperthermal water from the Euganean basin as an alternative natural medicine.
  • Therapeutic properties: anti-edema, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, soothing and keratolytic.
  • Properties in the cosmetic field: the zinc contained in the Euganean thermal water promotes the skin's healing capacity through an effective synthesis between elastin and collagen (anti-aging-antioxidant); copper gives the skin a natural healthy appearance; manganese is a valid aid against free radicals.
  • According to research and certified laboratory tests (Hamilton International Sp., Poland)
    the salt-bromine-iodine thermal water has an immediate emollient effect after just 30 seconds from application which lasts for over ten minutes after application, not
    irritates and respects the natural Ph of the skin.
  • Volcanic Thermal Water is packaged in cutting-edge, certified research laboratories and in collaboration with prestigious Italian universities.

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Volcanic Thermal Water is remineralising and gives balance, strength and vitality to sensitive skin thanks to the combination of 12 minerals.

  • Br Bromine, calming
  • Ca Calcium, cellular protector and mediator
  • F Fluoride, antioxidant
  • Fe Iron, cellular oxygenator
  • I Iodine, softening and antispetic
  • K Potassium, hydrating and balancing
  • Mg Magnesium, cell regenerator
  • Na Sodium, water-based regulator
  • NaCl Sodium chloride, balancing
  • NH4+ Ammonium, regenerating
  • If Selemio, antioxidant
  • On Sulphate, regulator of sebum production

Volcanic Thermal Water Spray: totally natural and with a soothing effect in just 30 seconds while respecting the physiological pH of the skin

Volcanic Thermal Water mist gives an immediate refreshing and soothing sensation. Protects, remineralizes and restores the skin's natural defenses. It is ideal for calming sensitive and dehydrated skin, to relieve sunburn and other types of redness and irritation.
It is effective as an aftershave, aftersun, for skin with atopic or very reactive tendencies, even in cases of allergies and irritations.

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