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Formulas born from laboratory research and insights where innovative and sophisticated techniques achieve highly effective results.
Active ingredients chosen thanks to a subtle cosmetological selection for the development of a skin care that preserves the cellular matrix in the most spontaneous way possible. Maximum attention to the creation of sensoriality and perception of the product. Subtle understanding between nature and science
in an exclusive longevity complex.


The strong point of the line is the very pure VOLCANIC THERMAL WATER , from the Euguanei Hills basin in Italy, taken directly from the source of the Petra thermal spa. LHI is the first natural source of active elements and minerals used with scientifically proven healing properties from international studies and Italian universities. The Euganean hyperthermal waters derive from meteoric precipitations which from the Little Dolomites penetrate up to 3-4 km deep, even exceeding 170°C due to a geothermal gradient, and become mineralised. After more than 25 years the waters rise rapidly and emerge in springs with minimum temperatures of 45°C and maximum temperatures of 87°C, allowing during the journey an enrichment with trace elements, which characterize its QUALITY and UNIQUENESS .

Modern science has rediscovered these precious teachings.


Thermal water, minerals and cosmeceuticals that stimulate epidermal balance.

Intelligent skincare where maximum attention is paid to real effectiveness and the creation of products that provide visible and healing benefits for the epidermal layer ; not just apparent results.

A multifunctional line designed based on a modern concept, where the product can be used day and night for the cream, face, body and hair for the oil and in absolute freedom for the water.
Because at the basis of the philosophy is the reconstruction of a cellular balance not conditioned by exogenous factors.


Established Italian laboratories (ISO 22716, ISO 9001, ISO 13485 certified with Bureau Veritas) and internationally renowned cosmetologists including Professor Umberto Borellini, guided the formulations of the collection by validating the scientific studies.

"From the earth and the millenary rock come elements such as rose quartz and zeolite, with energizing and purifying virtues:
unique components from volcanic water; the sun's rays provide the strength for nature to produce regenerating and protective oils and butters.
From cosmeceutical research, active ingredients with a spectrum of effectiveness and all-encompassing."

Professor Umberto Borellini

Million Age Cream
Extra Regenerating Oil