Intelligent beauty as a state of mind is the modern and innovative concept of Petra LHI, a young entrepreneur who has owned spa hotels for generations and is closely linked to her origins. The thermal basin of the Euganean Hills in Italy is the setting in which the Petra Extra Regenerating project takes shape, a dermocosmetic line with regenerating power as the go-to destination for natural and timeless beauty.

Timeless intelligent beauty

A female story that draws substance from generations of women, where the energy of the water and the strength of the rock are the key elements in a combination that flows spontaneously with volcanic vigor.

For millennia. Eternally.

Petra Extra Regenerating, a million age story to tell.
A skin luxury collection, for every intelligent woman.


The extraordinary regenerative power of nature.

Petra LHI's deep connection with the element of water, the passion for the sea and the thermal water of its paleo marine volcanic source are the basis of the main concept of the line.