Volcanic Thermal Water
Volcanic Thermal Water
Volcanic Thermal Water
Volcanic Thermal Water
Volcanic Thermal Water

Volcanic Thermal Water

Format 200ml
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Let your skin breathe!

Extremely pure thermal water from the thermal basin of the Italian Euganean Hills of volcanic origin dermatologically and scientifically certified. Healing, soothing, and hydrating. Rich in minerals and regenerating trace elements.


  • Moisturizing
  • Soothing
  • Regenerating
  • Antioxidant

Microbiologically controlled with regenerating and antioxidant properties.

Years of underground life. An ancient cure for contemporary regeneration.


100% Thermal Water

No parabens, no mineral oil, no petrolatum

Made in Italy


Microbiologically controlled hyperthermal paleo marine bromine iodine salt water , rich in natural trace elements with an anti-radical, hydro-balancing and biostimulating action that fights cellular oxidation, prevents skin aging and soothes irritated skin.


The hyperthermal water contained in Volcanic Water is full of geothermal energy and rich in dissolved substances , which make it a unique thermal resource in the world. “Thermal medicine is one of the oldest forms of therapy in the West and in this sense it is to be considered traditional medicine.” WHO, WHO traditional medicine strategy: 2014-2023

The beneficial strength of this water, today scientifically classified as hyperthermal salt-bromine-iodine , has been used by man for healing and pediatric purposes for centuries thanks to its isotonicity.

It was the wisdom of Hippocrates, about 25 centuries ago, who discovered the benefits of hydrotherapy, using cold and hot baths, steam, hot moist compresses, mud poultices.

The Euganean hyperthermal waters derive from meteoric precipitations which from the Little Dolomites penetrate to a depth of 3-4 km, even exceeding 170°C due to a geothermal gradient, and become mineralised. After 25 years the waters rise rapidly and emerge in springs with minimum temperatures of 45°C and maximum temperatures of 87°C, allowing during the journey an enrichment with trace elements, which characterize its QUALITY and UNIQUENESS

Modern science has rediscovered these precious teachings. Volcanic water is rich in trace elements such as iodine, bromine. magnesium, sodium chloride, iron, copper, zinc, silver, manganese and with a neutral pH that respects that of the skin.

Skin types (normal, combination, oily, dry, sensitive) benefit from the use of thermal water, in particular dry and sensitive skin which is more easily irritated and which needs a lot of sweetness during the day.


The vaporization of Volcanic water de la Petra on the face after cleansing perfects the process of eliminating cells that are no longer viable, stimulating the bio-restructuring of the deeper layers of the skin and guaranteeing healthy, fresh and luminous skin.

Proven scientific studies in various Italian universities define hyperthermal volcanic water as useful and beneficial in various biological actions: anti-inflammatory, stimulating. antiseptic, anti-edematous and resolving, beneficial on the mucous membranes, in skin absorption, antifibrotic and endocrine.


Thus the Petra project of regeneration according to the energetic elements of the earth takes shape, the thermal water being completely pure and natural .

Once again we find the perfect formula where Million Age Cream dermocosmetics are combined with a vital substance for humans: volcanic water.

The product has a low environmental impact and fully recyclable packaging.


Spray generously on face and body. Leave to dry.

FACIAL AND BODY CARE: as a tonic, after cleansing the face. Before and after applying creams. After beauty treatments, shaving, hair removal. During exposure to the sun (UVA-UVB rays) in dry environments. On the baby's skin. For sports.

CURATIVE INDICATIONS: Skin dehydration and skin irritation, psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis of various etiologies, results of burns.