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Intelligent beauty as a state of mind is the modern and innovative concept of Petra LHI, a young spa wellness entrepreneur, closely linked to her origins. The thermal basin of the Euganean Hills in Italy is the setting in which the Petra Extra Regenerating project takes shape, a dermocosmetic line with regenerating power as the go-to destination for natural and timeless beauty.


High quality ingredients - Special formula.
Moisturizing face and day and night cream.
Soft texture, suitable for all skin types.

A high-performance beauty experience for an innovative, regenerating, multi-active, versatile cream suitable for all skin types: anti-aging, antioxidant, anti-pollution, firming, cellular revitalizing and nourishing. The formula is hypoallergenic, does not contain parabens, petroleum derivatives and artificial colors.
Regeneration, firmness of the epidermis and strengthening of the delicate hydrolipidic barrier, essential to counteract the appearance of the signs of dermal-epidermal aging.
The formulation technology with enhanced micro-micelles helps protect the integrity of the concentrated active ingredients until the moment of application when they " explode " in a charge of energy that provides the renewal necessary for a younger and more radiant appearance.

Hyaluronic acid, Zeolite, Rose quartz, Rosehip, Mandelic acid, Coenzyme Q10, Diatomaceous earth, Soy phytoestrogens: Kimci, DMAE (Di Methyl Amino Ethanol). Alpha lipoic acid. Shea butter, Vitamin E (Tocopheryl Acetate).

No parabens, no mineral oil, no petrolatum


Face, body and hair oil

Extra Regenerating Oil 100% Natural was created with the aim of regenerating the cellular matrix to deeply nourish, normalize and hydrate the skin, providing it with the right dose of lipids and other fatty acids of which it is composed. There are carotenoids (pro-vitamin factor) and Vitamin E , powerful antioxidants that protect against aging, and help keep the skin properly hydrated and nourished. The formula of this oil was chosen for its purity and its biocompatibility with the skin, respecting biological cycles. The formula was then enriched with an incredible and emblematic ingredient: ASTAXANTHIN , a carotenoid extracted from an algae with extreme regenerating power. At the base, Cannabis oil, Argania, Rosa Mosqueta.

The formula of this 100% natural oil was chosen for its purity and its biocompatibility with the skin, respecting biological cycles. The formula was then enriched with ASTAXANTHIN, a carotenoid extracted from an algae with extreme regenerating power. It was then enriched with ASTAXANTHIN , a carotenoid extracted from an algae with extreme regenerating power.

Rosa Mosqueta: to strengthen the layers of the epidermis.
Argania spinosa kernel oil: with softening and nourishing effect.
Bitter orange essential oil: to tone and detoxify.
Astaxanthin: lipophilic substance with high antioxidant and regenerating power.
Vitamin E: hydrating and protective action

No parabens, no mineral oil, no petrolatum


Extremely pure thermal water from the Italian Euganean Hills of volcanic origin, dermatologically certified, healing and soothing, hydrating. Rich in minerals and regenerating trace elements.
Microbiologically controlled with regenerating and antioxidant properties. Years of underground life. An ancient cure for contemporary regeneration.

No parabens, no mineral oil, no petrolatum

The vaporization of Volcanic water de la Petra on the face after cleansing perfects the process of eliminating cells that are no longer viable, stimulating the bio-restructuring of the deeper layers of the skin and guaranteeing healthy, fresh and luminous skin.
Proven scientific studies in various Italian universities define hyperthermal volcanic water as useful and beneficial in various biological actions: anti-inflammatory, stimulating, antiseptic, anti-edema and resolving, beneficial on the mucous membranes, in skin absorption, anti-fibrotic and endocrine.


Combination of 100% natural, pure and biocompatible oils with the skin respecting biological cycles. Blend of precious oils for an illuminating , nourishing and hydrating action from the deepest layers of the skin on the face, décolleté and body.

Pink Pepper Divine Oil Serum is a must-have of the collection: serum resulting from the concentration of first choice active ingredients to spontaneously regenerate the skin, bringing it back to its comfort in the naturally intelligent level of hydration.
For revitalized, nourished and radiant skin . It drains, stimulates and reactivates the skin tissue.
Pink Pepper: stimulant for natural skin regeneration, protects from free radicals
Coriander: anti-aging
Fennel: antioxidant, naturally rich in vitamin C, draining, activating and detoxifying, keeps the skin bright and clean
Jojoba oil: hydrating, soothing and protection from external agents.

No parabens, no mineral oil, no petrolatum


Class A medical device

Suitable for:
Tensions also in the form of cramps and muscle spasms.
Insistent and painful involuntary muscle contractures.
Joint blocks.
Pain and spasms of the musculoskeletal system.
Fibromyalgia / muscular rheumatism.
Muscle tension pain in the neck and shoulders.
Sports injuries.
Accumulation of lactic acid after sporting activities.
Adjuvant cream with salsobromoiodic thermal water for the rapid-acting pain-relieving and muscle-relaxing treatment. It is a valid aid for relieving pain involving muscles, ligaments, tendons and soft tissues. Also recommended before sports practice to optimize the warm-up and recovery phase.
Selected active ingredients of plant origin (including Physalis Angulata ECOCERT) which include among the
their beneficial effects are a slight warming and alleviation of the sensation of pain without causing redness or irritation of the skin.

Euganean Hyperthermal Water , extracted from one of the deepest therapeutic wells in the area, known for its important characteristics in assisting the physiological processes of restoring cartilage trophism and reducing phenomena in the physiatric field .

No parabens, no mineral oil, no petrolatum

Batch: C3111223, Exp: 12/2026


Contour eyes, lips, face and body

Formula rich in high-end valuable nutrients that increase its effectiveness and make it a unique beauty essential . Blend of highly skin-friendly principles to help restore the hydrolipidic balance of the skin thanks to the presence of natural lipids in the ingredients; a touch of soft nourishment for skin that regenerates and heals with unique precious elements. A first-class experience for a young silken skin.

Shea Butter* moisturizing and soothing
Rebalancing, antioxidant and anti-aging mango butter
Regenerating and elasticizing Sapote oil
Passion fruit oil rich in omega 6 restores the skin's natural protective barrier
Argan oil** nourishing, emollient

No parabens, no mineral oil, no petrolatum

*Reg 2018/848 certified
**BIO Cosmos certified